Products & Services

"Help Me Figure It Out" Session

Let's figure out what is holding you back from growing your business in an authentic way. You hold the key to the answers and just need someone to help you sort things out. Being an introvert doesn't have to be your albatross. Let me help you find your 'true north' and get you moving forward.

159.00 USD

"Help Me" Create My Speaker One Sheet

Together, we'll compile a listing of keynotes and/or workshops you’d like to present plus write a compelling bio and tie it all together with an interactive bonus. Along with your images and information, you’ll have a marketing tool you can use over and over again. Learn how to find the event planner for local speaking opportunities, within a 50-mile radius. Select from our templates which design you’d like and send your information to me.

149.00 USD

"Help Me" Write Me a 3-Page Article

Struggling with writer's block? This offer is perfect for you if you have an idea about your topic but just can't get started. You give me the general idea and the audience you'll be reaching, and I'll go away and create a 3-page article for you to use and repurpose.

150.00 USD

Boot Camp Buddy Support

Get the support you need while go through the self study or attend the The Coaches Console Easy Breezy Coaching Business Boot Camp. This package is designed to give you that 1-on-1 support where you can ask questions, get answers, and decrease your stress while you complete the projects.

300.00 USD

"Help Me" Sell My Signature Program

“My signature program is all set to go but I can’t seem to close any sales when I offer it during my Discovery Session. What is the real issue?”

We'll review your signature program and determine how to convert it into an introductory, 30-day program you can use to get prospects in the door and moving forward. You’ll need to determine a price for the program and develop the right conversion script to get you from “Hello to Ka-Ching”. Includes reviewing your signature program, choosing the best introductory content, designing your first 30-Day program matrix and composing a Discovery Session script written in your voice. Cost: 2Pay of $300 or one payment of $597

300.00 USD

"Help Me" Close More Sales

“I offer free Discovery Sessions and give great advice during the call, but when I try to talk about next steps of engagement, I get nothing on a consistent basis. What am I doing wrong?”

We'll customize a template that removes all the anxiety about converting a Discovery Session into “Ka-Ching” after reviewing your current Discovery Session language and make adjustments so that you get the results you want -- conversion. Includes role playing your current Discovery Session, identifying areas to enhance it, a personalized process for engaging prospects and getting to the heart of the matter plus a customized Discovery Session script written in your voice. Cost: 2Pay of $300 or one payment of $597.

300.00 USD

Hello to Ka-Ching Conversion System

Hello to Ka-Ching includes an intensive 1-on-1 coaching program where you learn how to create conversations that convert prospects into paying clients and an integrated system for managing your marketing efforts. Cost: $997 one-time or 3pay of $349

349.00 USD

"Help Me" Get My Networking System Done

In this intensive 60-day project, I help you prepare for your next local speaking or networking event. Together, we'll prepare your flyer(s), design your event web page, create your free offer with auto responders, and integrate them all into a seamless system. Plus you'll have me along for 2 additional months to support you as you try out your new system. Cost: $1200 one pay or 3pay of $425.

425.00 USD

"Help Me" Get My Broadcast Campaign Done

In this intensive 60-day project, I help you identify the ways you'd like to show up online, how you'd like to 'update' your audience, and where you'd like to be found and integrate them all into a seamless system. Plus you'll have 2 additional months with me to tighten up any loose ends and support your marketing efforts. Cost: $1200 one pay or contact me for 3pay of $425.

425.00 USD

"Help Me" Do It All In 90 Days

Help Me Do IT All includes both intensives -- your local public broadcast system and your online broadcasting campaign system -- plus a back office organization system to keep you focused and showing up professionally to prospects and clients. And an additional 2 months of support with me to fine tune your systems as you implement your marketing strategies. Cost: $1800 one pay or 4pay of $475.

475.00 USD

Monthly Ongoing Support


397.00 USD